Case Studies

Exceeding a client’s fulfillment services expectations involves more than a firm understanding of the BPO industry… we must have a strong understanding of each client industry as well!

A BPO services company that exceeds client expectations will have acquired knowledge of the inner workings of the industries it serves. From a broad perspective the BPO services business follows the same business rules across a variety of industries. We receive orders from many different clients and industries, we manage their inventory, and we pick, pack and ship. Yet there are nuances to BPO services that make each client industry operationally unique.

At DeltaFill, we believe that to do our best work we must combine firm business rules and processes for our core services with a solid understanding of those things that are specific to each client industry. The specifics may include routing requirements, data exchange requirements, special packing requirements, unique expectations from the end customer, delivery deadlines, and so on.

No matter the industry, regardless of the complexity, DeltaFill services is a company that pays close attention to the nuances of the clients we manage.

Partial listing of the industry cases DeltaFill serves:

  • Fortuan 500 company needs global solution for customer care and fulfillment services.
  • Client seeks ways to reduce costs without sacrificing service levels.